October 2, 2010

Kinzey's Birthday Party Part I

So I guesstimated being back this past Monday/Tuesday with pictures from the birthday party on Saturday.

I sat down Monday night, opened blogger and began reading while I uploaded pictures from the camera.

Even opened a new post.

Then the total picture count came to 229 images.

Really?!? I'm supposed to sort through 229 images and decide on what I want to put on my blog. Of course Kinzey was being extra cute so it's really hard to decide.

So I put it off, and put it off, even posted my little canvas art up thinking oh I'll do this one now and the birthdya party ones tomorrow. And then I put it off again.

Let me sidetrack here by saying this week has been a no-sleep, can't think, sidetracked kind of week. GOd's been awesome with the weather and my work, but testing me out in ways I thought I had previously put behind me. Guess a reminder test is always right around the corner.

Anyway, without much further ado, Kinzey's Second Birthday Party: (By the way if you were there, she loved absolutely EVERYTHING she got, and we've had to go through her old toys to make room for the new ones, but they are all still sitting in my living room waiting on something to be finished for the kids room. So thank you everyone!)

Kinzey wore the tutu I made her last year for her birthday again. I sense a tradition (no not the same one every year, lol).

Her decorations and cupcake cake.

She cried when we all sang happy birthday, and then she got mad that I didn't give her a chocolate cupcake first.

I still have all the pictures of her opening presents and playing with the family to sort through but this should tide everyone over for a bit!
If you have any questions over the decorations or food (or anything really) leave me a comment and I'll get back to you!


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