April 11, 2012

Exhale - Three Years

So it's our third year anniversary. We made it this far! I love you so much Aaron!

I'm not sure if I ever went into many details about our wedding for my readers. There isn't too much to share because I was NOT a crafter, and well things always had a way of flopping for me. Still had the best wedding I've ever had! 

One thing that made our ceremony so special for both myself and Aaron is that we wrote our own vows. 

Well, I wrote mine and Aaron made his up on the spot mostly. Mainly because he was crying and couldn't read his notecard. 

I still have mine though:

I held my breath
Dazzled by the sight of you
So sure you would disappear
Or become something crude
Thinking you deserve someone else
This is too good to be true

I held my breath
When I told you the news
That a little one would be here soon
That looks like me and you
Afraid of what might change between us
And the way I look for you

I held my breath
As we worked together
To overcome our fears
Talking through our anger
And conquering our tears

I held my breath
So afraid that I might lose everything
My heart, my life, and you
That all this time I didn’t realize
You were holding your breath too

I hold my breath
As I try to say these words to you
With tears on my face
Trying to make it through
Wanting you to understand
That I’ve lost my heart to you

I’m so glad I’m still holding my breath
Today as we say I do
For the rest of my life I’ll be beside you
Breathless, in love with you
Hand in hand we’ll last forever
Together just us two

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