March 31, 2010

Just a bit of the back.

So I am very excited that there are only six weeks of classes left before the summer starts for me! I will enjoy my break, as school just seems to impede right now on my family life. Wanted to let everyone know that overnight (literally) my basil has sprouted like crazy! I'm wondering if absent-minded me even planted anything in the other four containers. Only the open seed packets is my reassurance on that one though! I feel inadequate without a proper camera, but that is on the back burner right now with other bills and holidays. I've been watching craigslist though for anything I might want.

Kinzey got her first haircut! Aaron wanted her to get it shaped in the back, i wanted to get some of the hair out of her eyes, but he won! She was not very excited.

We had Valerie at the Olive Beauty Lounge do her hair. She's done our family's hair for about three years now, always Aaron's sometimes mine and Houston's.

She just trimmed and tried to create a style with what she had, Kinzey has so much hair now compared to what she started with!

Although she let her, Kinzey was very up and down and had to have both of us parents hold her at one point just so Valerie had any shot at getting a straight cut. Yes I had my camera which was still working, but it was in the car.

Kinzey did ok once Valerie started cutting, but Kinzey was in a very whiney mood.  But she did let Valerie blow dry it with a round brush and all!

March 30, 2010

Window Garden buds!

So my basil sprouted! I'm so excited since I have such a hard time growing anything and keeping it alive (doesn't bode well for my parenting, but that is slightly different :D) and I am very glad that I had great inspiration and know how for my windowsill garden.

As you can see nothing else is showing signs of growth, yet. I am still hopeful though! We're only on day four now.

Late night tonight. Tried following all the instructions I found here, as well as taking my camera apart (warranty coverage is not an option for me since it was a lost and found camera that stayed in the "lost and found box" for over two months), but all was to no avail. Still a weird whirring noise after I try to turn it on and then lens error or just powers off. All the movements are normal on the lens just doesn't stay on. The last options are to find an AV cord for it and try that suggested solution, or to take it to a repair shop. Thinking we'll end up with option C. Buy a new (at least for us) camera. Can't go without a good camera.

Was also able to take my car to shop today, or at least my father-in-law was able to drive it there. After waiting for a response from 8am-12pm I finally called them and they could not find my car! After several mini-heart attacks and getting my nerves into check, Aaron left work to figure out what exactly was going. They did find my car, but nothing wrong with it (Autozone had tested and said it was the alternator after we bought a new battery). My brakes have also been making a horrid grinding noise reminiscent of my Toyota, but again the service shop did not find any faults there. They did find a nail in one of my tires though, so they at least caught one problem with it. Callisto (yes she has a name) is safe at home with us tonight AND we didn't have to pay for anything today.

On other news, I did make a large dent in my spring cleaning. I was able to pull all of the too-small clothes from the kids closet and dresser. Now I am going to sort through that and get things I can salvage/refashion for them to use/wear again. I also was able to make a rather noticeable reorganization of my crafting area/desk. It's not where it needs to be, but it's far from where it was before.

It went from this:

To this:

Aaron and I are off to watch "Angels and Demons" and for me to finish up some homework. Have a great night/morning, I'll be around tomorrow!

March 28, 2010

I've got the Mondays now...

My allergy prescription ran out yesterday. Can't get more until tomorrow because the refills also ran out. My camera is broken. I've been going through over a thousand photos to narrow our wedding pics down for two small(ish?) photo albums and hanging around in picture frames. (Replacing prom pictures of us lol). Organizing my art desk, the kids closet, and dropping the laundry off are the only things I have on my to-do list tomorrow besides school. I will be one tomorrow with a full entry as well as an update on my plants (if nothing else with cell pics). Goodnight all, hope you're weekend was awesome!

March 26, 2010

New Friend Friday and DIY project!

So, as you can see I"ve done my first official link up party with New Friend Friday (link in side bar-->). So far I have two new followers! I've very excited that you've come to join me, Laura and Frenchy  from Le Chateau des fleurs (Bon jour, ca va? Je parle un petit français parce que j'ai pris français dans l'école pour cinq ans, mais je ne travaille là, pourtant!)

After Anne Marie's post (over at White House, Black Shutters) thirteen or fourteen days ago (read her post here) I was wanting to do a window sill garden as well!  I took a trip to Goodwill, Dollar Tree, and then came home to find out my husband already had chalkboard paint (spray can though). It was a little more difficult than I would have liked, because the spray paint is a pesky thing. I used carb cleaner to clean up after I messed up my boxes. I'm planting basil, chives, dill, parsley, and cilantro. I'm really excited about the last one, I could eat cilantro with everything!

My husband also bought me a metal alphabet stamping kit and told me that my crafts better start earning money soon instead of just spending his lol. Being sick these past few days has kept me cooped up inside a getting dirtier and dirtier house with nothing but the internet to keep me company. I found this tutorial very helpful, as my first attempts were also on wood. I should have a few up in my forthcoming etsy shop. Sorry for the poor picture quality my camera died after this first one! I made this one for a neighbor. Just in time for mother's day!

Last note, I was wondering I know I have my follow button you can grab in the side bar (again over here -->) should I get a featured on? Not sure anyone that I link to would actually use it. Let me know and I will get cracking on that this weekend.

March 24, 2010

Ohh it's another giveaway

An ETSY giveaway! Love them Everyday Bliss:Three Fabulous Prizes If you sell in an etsy shop or know someone that does, please send them over to that linky up there and random commenter such as my self could win $50 etsyshop card to yours, if you follow the hostess etsyshop!

BIO MIDTERM UPDATE... instead of skating around it, I'll jump right in. The questions she gave us to review, the questions from the homework, and the questions in the book where no where near the exams she handed out in class today. I know the topics on the exam weren't in the same chapters, not sure if they are even in the same book. It was 50 questions long but after she passes it out, she says it may be 35 questions depending on how the class does. No clue in anywhere what that is supposed to mean. .

The light for my academia tunnel suddenly darkens as the summer school schedules pop out. Looks like that last class will be a doozy. Either Mon-Thur for two hours at least, or wait until fall where the possibility of taking it online is there or someone a little more time manageable with kids, work, and school. Trying to find the bright side in that I can spend this summer with my kids on my days off from work, work harder on my own work (craft, art, digital design), and helping out two sites I promised I would but have yet to find a foothold in either. and

Sorry for the downness now, go back to the first paragraph and just read that one.

Photos as promised...

Okay, picked up house, skipped dishes but grabbed pictures of ties, and some possible profile pics.

Let me know if you think I should or shouldn't on these three photos.

And no, I have yet to study...

Buys of ties

So mom logic tweeted today about a chore equilibrium chart here. Not sure it is all quite accurate, and now thinking about making my own so adding that to my to-do list, but what do you think?

I also made a great (I think) purchase today at 99¢ only store. Some beautiful ties. I will either give them to my husband to wear and go purchase some more (boring)....or find a craft to use them in!I liked the idea of a tie skirt, but that may a little bit too much to bite off right now.

Also, I am trying to decorate my kids' room. They share for now. I've picked colors, brown with a lime green for his stuff, and teal/turquoise for her. Problem is, I can't think of what to hang. I'm afraid to make it too girly or too boy like. Any suggestions? I've thought about hanging their names up in the contrasting colors, and will most likely do that...but it still needs some art or pictures. I really like the rug to the left, just can't buy it without doing it online at That's the blue I want for her stuff though.

Now, time to cram, pick the house up, clean up my craft area, unpack my new purchases (and take pictures so you can see the quality of my ties), and have lunch with my husband. From there I will be doing more studying, vehicle registration, last minute craft time, and getting myself to school  on time(ish) for my exam that I am way nervous about. Wish me some luck, will most likely be back in a bit.

I also wanted to add a welcome to my brand new reader, Becca over at Hello Marzipan. Give her a hello, and check out the key finder cabinet makeover she has today! I hope this is just the start of more to come!

March 23, 2010


After trying to read-up on my oh so many blogs I follow (quite a few added during spring break) I've pretty much exhausted my patience for tonight. I did want to tell you how my day went, and after reading Amber's update here, where I attempted to comment, (think so want to check for me?) I know I'm not the only one in my funk.

On a brighter note, (no my exam was moved to tomorrow [which is frustrating because she started a new chapter not on the test], no I haven't finished any of my projects, no Kinzey, Houston, or Aaron have become extremely self reliant lol) there is a great giveaway that I am *hoping* to win over at Becca's blog here. I encourage you to enter even though I want that headband! Good luck. I should update several times tomorrow admist my seccond cram session for this midterm, re-cleaning after spring cleaning, and laundry. Kinzey needs to learn to match socks now lol.

March 21, 2010

Ahh, spring cleaning and snow!

Sorry it's been a while, besides my huge bio midterm (gasp!) tomorrow, I've been spring cleaning, and working on a few things...thought I would hope online for a few minutes and give you some sneak peaks!

Working with modge-podge. Love this stuff. Just need to make a trip to hobby lobby for some ribbons.

Need to make a few more of these... Only stopped because of early arthritis setting in lol.

Trying to brighten things up around here, since it snowed again yesterday! I was in shorts on Friday! Ah Texas.

March 15, 2010

Park Pictures

We had a great time at the park today, as you can tell. Made a few friends with fellow park goers. Kinzey showed everyone her belly button. About time to start teaching her to not raise her shirt in public. I suprised Houston with my high flying acrobatics (aka mediocre mom jungle gym moves). We all played on the swings, Houston even pushed me!

The weather was so pretty outside, and my allergies went that bad. Sadly, I forgot to put sunscreen on us, so Kinzey is a little pink in the cheeks. Opps!

One day down from spring break, only seven more to go! (Hey I get to count all of this week and Sunday!)
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March 12, 2010

Just had to...

Not really sure why this photo wasn't included in the birthday post, but I just have to add this one now. It may have been a combination of my antibiotic/sick ridden body with the fact that blogger wasn't cooperating as much as I would have liked. 

Houston was so adorable and such a little gentleman at the party, helping clean up, play with the toddlers, and on his best behavior.

This picture makes me smile! What is your favorite childhood picture (either of you or of your child)?

March 11, 2010

Spring Break plans

So after a couple of suggestions from ya'll, Kinzey went to bed with olive oil, vaseline, and gold bond in her diaper. Hopefully she will be completely free and clear in the morning.

Spring break has officially began for me, not so much for Houston. He has tomorrow to get through before he is off for his very first spring break

The only thing I have planned, besides working and spending time with my family, is to study for my biology midterm. She (my professor) conveniently scheduled our test the day we get back from break.  Nice only because it gave me just the lab and my computer (ha ha study for that?!?) midterms to study for, but now I have to study while my kids are here with me. Aaron took off a couple of days as well to spend time with the family. Not sure what he has up his sleeves for next week. What do you have planned for your (kids) spring break?

Off to bed now, I do have to work all day and finish getting better from this upper respiratory tract infection,

March 10, 2010

Oh Diaper Rash

So Kinzey is sitting in her playpen right now, naked, because her but is fire alarm red. I just don't understand how I can put her down perfectly clear and when she wakes up have blisters all over her little booty?

We've tried several different types of creams and ointments such as:

  • Desitin; Original and Creamy
  • Boudreaux's butt paste
  • A+D; Original and Cream (with Aloe)
  • Vaseline
  • Neosporin
  • Oatmeal
  • Oatmeal baths
  • Aveno cream
  • Baby powder
  • Bathing several times in a day
  • Combination of several of the above treatments
Tonight, besides letting her have it all hang out, I'm trying olive oil. Supposedly, it's the "number one treatment" according to this website that also calls it a "nappy rash." Hopefully something works or we're going to the doctor. My mom said I had really sensitive skin as a baby, so Kinzey will too. We use hypoallergenic diapers, wipes, free and clear detergent and the same baby shampoo and wash since she was born. It's possibly something in her diet, but no telling what since she consumes everything in her site. Add this on top of our sinus infection's and it's been an awesome couple of days. If you have any suggestions or words of encouragement let me know!

March 7, 2010

Happy First Birthday Greggory!

So today we celebrated my nephew's first birthday.

The weather wasn't exactly perfect for Shetland pony rides or playing outside, so the party (sans horse) moved inside. Greggory made a mess of himself with cake and opened a ton of presents.

Then enjoyed the $12 tent with tunnel with his cousins.

He's growing up so fast. Just looking at him at 12 months shows me how much Kinzey has grown as well.

It's so cute to see these little milestones in the childrens' lives' around me, but it makes me know time is slipping by so quickly. Houston is writing sentences, Kinzey can find her own shoes, I have to start doing now what I want to finish in the future.

I'm asking myself, "What would make my future self happy?"

March 5, 2010

Hubby's Site and Family Binder Idea

,Not sure if I have said this before, but my husband started a new car website, named driven! It's great for people who don't care about the make of cars very much, but just have a passion for all things on wheels. He's working on getting his own domain for it, but that cost money and as the site doesn't pay him anything (yet) he's trying to get the other two guys that helped create the concept to help out.  Anyway, that's all I have about that except go and join here (or even just check it out) driven! Look for me (rarely) on the message boards as MrsD.

On the other side, I'm trying to find a hobby. I have all these grand schemes of crafts and such, but the startup of the things I want to do cost both time and money, two things I'm usually running short on. Right now I am working on setting up a home binder which I found the idea through Mandi Cresswell's blog Finding Home. I loved the fonts she used and the setups. I haven't taken pictures of mine yet but it's the same concept, except for my daily schedule I have to add a box for school. That way I can keep track over important exam dates and what homework I need to get done. Time management is key to keeping my life on track and as unhectic as possible, if that is a possibility. I'm trying to find other ideas to help me get everything into one place, to help keep me and the family on track. Any other ideas I can use similar to the meal planning and daily schedule? Or perhaps a decorative binder how-to?

March 4, 2010

Quick Update

,So we decided sometime before Valentine's that we (my husband and I) would get on a workout routine and shape up, since we both have post-baby bodies lol. After hearing such great reviews from everyone we bought P90X and started Monday. I haven't hurt this much since I went to cheer camp and had to coach at the same time as learn. But I know I will start to see results in no time, and that Aaron will stay motivated since I will keep to it.

Work has been going exceptionally well, and hopefully has opened some doors for my more artistic qualities to be of use. Still no word yet on that, as they are taking things really slow after a move from an old location to a brand spanking new place with all the kinks and quirks of building a new home.

Still pursuing my Associates in Arts and will have that at the end of Summer Session 1. Not sure what I will be doing after that, as I'm feeling burnt out on school. I really would like to make it to a bachelor's, but since I'm too indecisive as to in what, it makes it hard to settle down. Add on top the UTA mess and their computers, and I feel like it's God's way of telling me it's time to spend more time with my family.

Kinzey gets bigger and bigger everyday, and it's so surprising to see how old she is getting. She'll be saying whole sentences soon. She's such a handful to keep after, cleaning and making sure she isn't too curious. We love her so much and are so blessed to have such a happy healthy baby.

Houston just finished up a great basketball season at the YMCA and started playing soccer this last Saturday for the Bedford Boys Ranch. Aaron and I got wrangled into being coach and team manager. Work isn't quite as flexible as I would like it to be about trying to get me to practices, and forget about Satuday games. But we did just open a new salon, so I have the patience and understanding I need to cope with that. Houston played amazing at his game and had to be benched for scoring too much (too young to "beat the pants" off anyone). We're almost to his first Spring Break, then summer will be here before we all know it. He loves hanging out with his school friends, and getting a surprise in his lunch when I get to pack that for him.

Aaron is loving coaching soccer and working out with me, His dad's jeep and mustang both gave out at the same time so it's been hard to get both of those working again (in fact that is where he is right now). The jeep is getting ready to be running again. I hope. He's also hoping to move around in his job, but not sure he can stay motivated to reach bonuses and such. I try and help him out and Kinzey and I go see him for lunch to help give him a dose of home during his workday.

I better get to bed, because even though I love my job and having three days off a week, I still have to work 8-7:30 tomorrow, workout, school, homework, and housework.

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