March 26, 2010

New Friend Friday and DIY project!

So, as you can see I"ve done my first official link up party with New Friend Friday (link in side bar-->). So far I have two new followers! I've very excited that you've come to join me, Laura and Frenchy  from Le Chateau des fleurs (Bon jour, ca va? Je parle un petit français parce que j'ai pris français dans l'école pour cinq ans, mais je ne travaille là, pourtant!)

After Anne Marie's post (over at White House, Black Shutters) thirteen or fourteen days ago (read her post here) I was wanting to do a window sill garden as well!  I took a trip to Goodwill, Dollar Tree, and then came home to find out my husband already had chalkboard paint (spray can though). It was a little more difficult than I would have liked, because the spray paint is a pesky thing. I used carb cleaner to clean up after I messed up my boxes. I'm planting basil, chives, dill, parsley, and cilantro. I'm really excited about the last one, I could eat cilantro with everything!

My husband also bought me a metal alphabet stamping kit and told me that my crafts better start earning money soon instead of just spending his lol. Being sick these past few days has kept me cooped up inside a getting dirtier and dirtier house with nothing but the internet to keep me company. I found this tutorial very helpful, as my first attempts were also on wood. I should have a few up in my forthcoming etsy shop. Sorry for the poor picture quality my camera died after this first one! I made this one for a neighbor. Just in time for mother's day!

Last note, I was wondering I know I have my follow button you can grab in the side bar (again over here -->) should I get a featured on? Not sure anyone that I link to would actually use it. Let me know and I will get cracking on that this weekend.


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