March 4, 2010

Quick Update

,So we decided sometime before Valentine's that we (my husband and I) would get on a workout routine and shape up, since we both have post-baby bodies lol. After hearing such great reviews from everyone we bought P90X and started Monday. I haven't hurt this much since I went to cheer camp and had to coach at the same time as learn. But I know I will start to see results in no time, and that Aaron will stay motivated since I will keep to it.

Work has been going exceptionally well, and hopefully has opened some doors for my more artistic qualities to be of use. Still no word yet on that, as they are taking things really slow after a move from an old location to a brand spanking new place with all the kinks and quirks of building a new home.

Still pursuing my Associates in Arts and will have that at the end of Summer Session 1. Not sure what I will be doing after that, as I'm feeling burnt out on school. I really would like to make it to a bachelor's, but since I'm too indecisive as to in what, it makes it hard to settle down. Add on top the UTA mess and their computers, and I feel like it's God's way of telling me it's time to spend more time with my family.

Kinzey gets bigger and bigger everyday, and it's so surprising to see how old she is getting. She'll be saying whole sentences soon. She's such a handful to keep after, cleaning and making sure she isn't too curious. We love her so much and are so blessed to have such a happy healthy baby.

Houston just finished up a great basketball season at the YMCA and started playing soccer this last Saturday for the Bedford Boys Ranch. Aaron and I got wrangled into being coach and team manager. Work isn't quite as flexible as I would like it to be about trying to get me to practices, and forget about Satuday games. But we did just open a new salon, so I have the patience and understanding I need to cope with that. Houston played amazing at his game and had to be benched for scoring too much (too young to "beat the pants" off anyone). We're almost to his first Spring Break, then summer will be here before we all know it. He loves hanging out with his school friends, and getting a surprise in his lunch when I get to pack that for him.

Aaron is loving coaching soccer and working out with me, His dad's jeep and mustang both gave out at the same time so it's been hard to get both of those working again (in fact that is where he is right now). The jeep is getting ready to be running again. I hope. He's also hoping to move around in his job, but not sure he can stay motivated to reach bonuses and such. I try and help him out and Kinzey and I go see him for lunch to help give him a dose of home during his workday.

I better get to bed, because even though I love my job and having three days off a week, I still have to work 8-7:30 tomorrow, workout, school, homework, and housework.


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