March 24, 2010

Ohh it's another giveaway

An ETSY giveaway! Love them Everyday Bliss:Three Fabulous Prizes If you sell in an etsy shop or know someone that does, please send them over to that linky up there and random commenter such as my self could win $50 etsyshop card to yours, if you follow the hostess etsyshop!

BIO MIDTERM UPDATE... instead of skating around it, I'll jump right in. The questions she gave us to review, the questions from the homework, and the questions in the book where no where near the exams she handed out in class today. I know the topics on the exam weren't in the same chapters, not sure if they are even in the same book. It was 50 questions long but after she passes it out, she says it may be 35 questions depending on how the class does. No clue in anywhere what that is supposed to mean. .

The light for my academia tunnel suddenly darkens as the summer school schedules pop out. Looks like that last class will be a doozy. Either Mon-Thur for two hours at least, or wait until fall where the possibility of taking it online is there or someone a little more time manageable with kids, work, and school. Trying to find the bright side in that I can spend this summer with my kids on my days off from work, work harder on my own work (craft, art, digital design), and helping out two sites I promised I would but have yet to find a foothold in either. and

Sorry for the downness now, go back to the first paragraph and just read that one.


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