March 23, 2010


After trying to read-up on my oh so many blogs I follow (quite a few added during spring break) I've pretty much exhausted my patience for tonight. I did want to tell you how my day went, and after reading Amber's update here, where I attempted to comment, (think so want to check for me?) I know I'm not the only one in my funk.

On a brighter note, (no my exam was moved to tomorrow [which is frustrating because she started a new chapter not on the test], no I haven't finished any of my projects, no Kinzey, Houston, or Aaron have become extremely self reliant lol) there is a great giveaway that I am *hoping* to win over at Becca's blog here. I encourage you to enter even though I want that headband! Good luck. I should update several times tomorrow admist my seccond cram session for this midterm, re-cleaning after spring cleaning, and laundry. Kinzey needs to learn to match socks now lol.


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