March 5, 2010

Hubby's Site and Family Binder Idea

,Not sure if I have said this before, but my husband started a new car website, named driven! It's great for people who don't care about the make of cars very much, but just have a passion for all things on wheels. He's working on getting his own domain for it, but that cost money and as the site doesn't pay him anything (yet) he's trying to get the other two guys that helped create the concept to help out.  Anyway, that's all I have about that except go and join here (or even just check it out) driven! Look for me (rarely) on the message boards as MrsD.

On the other side, I'm trying to find a hobby. I have all these grand schemes of crafts and such, but the startup of the things I want to do cost both time and money, two things I'm usually running short on. Right now I am working on setting up a home binder which I found the idea through Mandi Cresswell's blog Finding Home. I loved the fonts she used and the setups. I haven't taken pictures of mine yet but it's the same concept, except for my daily schedule I have to add a box for school. That way I can keep track over important exam dates and what homework I need to get done. Time management is key to keeping my life on track and as unhectic as possible, if that is a possibility. I'm trying to find other ideas to help me get everything into one place, to help keep me and the family on track. Any other ideas I can use similar to the meal planning and daily schedule? Or perhaps a decorative binder how-to?


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