November 25, 2009

Shops at Brookstone

Today I took my daughter (sans stroller) shopping in Arlington. We found a great little shopping "mall" with little boutiques in it. It's located at Norwood/Abrams and Bowen. We (meaning I) got to sample some different flavored margarita's, browse tons of handmade items including jewelry, clothes (for both), shoes, purses, candle holders, anything you can think of! One of my favorites was the zipper flower headbands.

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I didn't purchase (again no stroller so shopped quickly and left without buying anything only to torture myself at the thrift store and the mall after) but have found some similar online and a tutorial to share with everyone!

Thanks Martha!

November 16, 2009

Carless Careless

Still no car, but we do have a check from safe auto. I hate car shopping, driving to different care dealerships, getting out, getting harassed by car dealers, looking around and finding maybe one thing I like in my price range, deciding if it's even worth test driving, either driving and not liking it or not driving it and getting back in the car, just to drive to another location and do it all over again. At least when I go to the mall I walk around for awhile before I decide I don't like something and the next place is right next door. Then I always feel stupid at car dealerships because I don't really care about the engine of a car, I'm a girl I have two questions: Is it pretty? Is it the right size? The rest I couldn't care about! Is it four or six cylinders, how many horsepower? Is it turbo charged? Super charged? After market anything? Exhaust system? What size are the tires? What do the rims look like? Agh! The stress of being married to a car guy!
Then all my dad cares about is the crash rating on them which just means more research on the computer.

Someone just shoot me! This carless thing is seriously cramping my shopping and therefore crafting style!

November 1, 2009


This week has lasted forever! We were supposed to spend last weekend in Austin, but instead had to take a trip to the emergency room because Houston had a stomach virus.Which we found out was contagious. Kinzey had it on Sunday. Grandpa on Monday. I had it Tuesday and Wednesday (still went to work, just didn't eat for two days because otherwise I got to see it again). Aaron had it on Thursday. Grandpa had it again on Friday, as did Pawpaw. Kinzey stayed with Mamaw from Tuesday-Friday to keep her from getting sick again, so I didn't get to see her again until after work on Friday. Saturday was Halloween, so that was long. Started at six thirty to get dressed for work (went as a sk8er chick) and didn't end until after midnight with Houston and Aaron sleeping in my bed. Ah, homework day, I didn't miss you. Not looking forward to class tomorrow night. Debating on whether or not I will finish these journal entries tonight, or turn them in late tomorrow. Haven't had a moment to myself without being draped around the toilet in quite awhile. Off tomorrow though!

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