November 1, 2009


This week has lasted forever! We were supposed to spend last weekend in Austin, but instead had to take a trip to the emergency room because Houston had a stomach virus.Which we found out was contagious. Kinzey had it on Sunday. Grandpa on Monday. I had it Tuesday and Wednesday (still went to work, just didn't eat for two days because otherwise I got to see it again). Aaron had it on Thursday. Grandpa had it again on Friday, as did Pawpaw. Kinzey stayed with Mamaw from Tuesday-Friday to keep her from getting sick again, so I didn't get to see her again until after work on Friday. Saturday was Halloween, so that was long. Started at six thirty to get dressed for work (went as a sk8er chick) and didn't end until after midnight with Houston and Aaron sleeping in my bed. Ah, homework day, I didn't miss you. Not looking forward to class tomorrow night. Debating on whether or not I will finish these journal entries tonight, or turn them in late tomorrow. Haven't had a moment to myself without being draped around the toilet in quite awhile. Off tomorrow though!


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