October 21, 2009

Day from, well you know!

So my day was supposed to go smoothly, i had lined up rides since I still don't have a check from Safe Auto. Everything was going to be taken care of, and transition correctly.
We woke up late this morning (9 am instead of 8 am) and Aaron could no longer drive me and Kinzey to the campus for my oral exam. Thankfully his dad just started his vacation so he was able to drive us. He is one of those people that has a gps but refuses to use it. So after taking a whole bunch of back roads since Aron also didn't want to take the highway, we arrive. I was set to arrive at 10:10 this morning. I arrived at 10:54. After wading through the pathways to my professors office, carrying not only my school bag and purse, but pushing Kinzey in a stroller with an umbrella only slightly big enough to cover the stroller seat, her diaper bag, my computer bag, and her carseat since the person dropping me off was not the same as the one picking me up. (Yes I had cleared it with my teacher to bring Kinzey prior). My mom, the one picking me up from the oral, calls right as I walk into my profs office to tell me she is on her way (still about 20 min away). After finally getting off the phone, since she's asked me to call my dad and tell him that mom is on her way to pick me up then we'll be on our way to lunch with him (so he can sign some car paperwork with me). I get off the phone, and even though Kinzey has sat quietly for an entire five minutes while I was on the phone with my mom, as soon as the teacher starts the stop watch to start our entirely french conversation, Kinzey has the urge to get out of her carseat and make noise. About halfway through our oral, her phone rings so she answers it and talks with them (in broken french). She hangs up and we finally get to resume our conversation (yes Kinzey sat still while she was on the phone). We finish and she tells me GOOD NEWS HERE, that she thinks I should be able to skip the next level of french and get straight to fourth year and that of course I passed my exam. Again I wade through the rivers to see my mom drive by about 50 feet before I get to the sidewalk. Call her and have to direct her back since apparently she was able to get lost between driving by me and my calling her. We all pack into her two door car in the rain, installing a carseat in the back seat is not my favorite past time. Go have lunch with my dad, file out paper work, get a notary, go to the mall. Mom and I search for a dress for Kinzey to wear to the wedding. Takes two department stores, but of course we are laden with bags becase mom always has to buy Kinzey something. Kinzey, instead of riding in her stroller, throws a temper tantrum if we do not allow her to push her own stroller. So of course we let her, but a thirty minute task takes us two and a half. We finish there and mom drives us to my house so my mother-in-law can later on pick up Kinzey and drop me off for my biology lab that starts at 5:30. I had planned on using my extra time to do laundry. Ha! Kinzey got to nap, and I needed to make sure everything was ready for class and a trip to the bank and post office. Mom gets there and has to let Kinzey try everything on, and chit chat with Aron. She leaves and Molly arrives a few minutes later. We load up, waking a screaming Kinzey from her only nap of the day. We go to the bank, then to the post office (let me note here that I don't mail things often, give me online or fedex any day!) had to have the cashier walk me through step by step on how to purchase a money order, make a copy, pack two seperate and different kinds of envelopes, and get them shipped over night. After spending forever there, we head to campus for class (different than the first) she drops me off and leaves to beat traffic. I get inside and the door is locked for my lab, thinking it's because I arrived a few minutes late, I email my teacher. Waiting on her response I spot the teacher that uses the room before my lab begins, he helps me to my professor's office where she is not and tells me that the 5:30 class was canceled at the beginning of the year (I was there today to make up missing Monday night). Oh great, it's still pouring down, I wasn't scheduled to be picked up until 8 and it's only 5:45. I call Molly but she has gotten herself and my daughter lost.  I call Aron and he has no clue where I am but knows where the Walmart is on the other side of campus and across a four lane street with half of it under construction. I tell him I can meet him there. In my new ugg-like boots, I hoof it across a rather large spread out campus. Make it to the street and walk to one light to go on the cross-walk, it's closed due to the construction. I walk the other way to the light to the north and it's closed due to construction. My only choice is to jay walk. So I run! Aron calls my just as my foot hits the sidewalk on the other side of the street. He's at Walmart. I start walking to the door, and he starts driving around the parking lot. We meet, I get in the car, and the only thing he can say is "You're all wet!" Yeah thanks. Next time I plan all day, remind me just to stay at home with a good blog and a cup of coffee.


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