October 16, 2009

Good Morning!

I'm putting my make up on getting ready for my first day back to a 40 hour work week. Yes I'm starting on a Friday, maybe that will help me ease back into the routine. I'm used to getting up early (I have already dropped the son of at school, gone to walmart for lunch box shopping, and given the baby a bath) it's the getting dressed up nicely enough for work in the short amount of time. I really don't want to get up any earlier, but I'm a mom, so I gotta right?

What is your morning routine like? I pack lunches at night to give me more time in the morning. I also plan outfits and breakfast the night before so everything is ready, and a sleep deprived Cris can throw it together without putting on two wrong shoes or forgetting my pants lol.

Tonight we're going out for sushi with friends, and Aaron has a soccer game. We've had Houston for the past two days because his mom has a birthday party to take him to tomorrow, so we won't get him until tomorrow night. Sometime before Monday, I must make a trip to the Botanical Gardens. Supposed to do this since the beginning of October, but it's been wet! Hopefully it will dry up enough to go for about an hour for class.

Maybe some car shopping this weekend, still waiting on a check from the insurance company to buy a new car with. Check out surelyliving's blog soon for a momnonstop blog layout!


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