January 31, 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge 18 and Challenge 20 and then some! (Part Two)

Challenge 18-Mementos

Challenge 20-Pictures

This weekend I officially finished the 21 Day Challenge! I'm so happy I kept it up and went through every challenge! Not only has it organized my house (still have things to do, but WAY better than before), it's accumulated so more people to my blog and a few friends along the way. Hello new followers!
To finish up my Cabinet Organization I had the area above my desk and the area above the tv. Those two spots were held specifically for my sewing supplies and my, um, scrapbook/mementos/photos.

Top circle on fireplace is sewing supplies. The one on the couch is photos/mementos.
I didn't get a lot of pictures of during my organization for this one. I was being lazy, sorry!

Here are the afters (or the nows, anyway):

This is above my desk. The brown and black milk crates hold extra fabric separated by cotton/blank tshirts and felt/tulle.The green baskets hold supplies (the one you can't see inside, which is organized by baskets), the bottom green is needs mending, and the top hold all the ties I have. Then just an empty sewing machine case.

This is all of our printed pictures. The numbered ones are all of our wedding images, the blank ones beside it are all hubby's nascar images (one race). The Sears envelope holds all "professional pictures"

The blue box holds mine and hubby's mementos, the pink holds the kiddo's mementos.

Extra picture frames live in front of the picture box.
I'll be purchasing in the near future two cute binders to start memory binders for the kids. I'll also be purchasing these to help keep that area organized.

Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbook Storage Box, Black
Two of these to replace the boxes I have now for mementos.
Side Load Desk Tray, Steel Mesh, 14-1/4"x9-1/2"x3-1/2", Black
Inbox for children's memory entries.
Photo Box in Black with White Floral Pattern by Pioneer Photo Albums
This to replace the box for photos.
So here is the before (well the after I pulled everything out photo, see all the before images here):

And the afters:

(Part One)

Menu Plan

Little late posting this, but oh well.

Sunday: Chicken Taco Bake
Monday: Pulled Pork Tacos
Tuesday: Left Overs
Wednesday: Cream of Chicken Casserole
Thursday: Shrimp Chowder
Friday: Crock Pot Chicken
Saturday: Date Night

Nothing too special this week. Just trying to get motivated to want to cook again. It's hard with hubby only working the night shifts right now. We'll get into the groove of this yet.

January 30, 2011

What We Really Ate #2

Sunday: Shrimp Gumbo
So instead of cooking, I took a nap. I mean did you see that refrigerator before and after? I was exhausted! So I mixed a box of scalloped potato mix with some frozen turkey meatballs. It was pretty great actually!

Monday: Mexican Stuffed Shells
Mexican goulash? We didn't get large enough shells to stuff, so everything got mixed together instead of stuffed into some shells. It was still pretty awesome and everyone at game night loved it too!

Tuesday: Hamburger & Fries
So I ended up rearranging our week. Kinzey and I ended up having some cream of chicken soup because she wasn't feeling good. (Having deja vu, because I could have sworn I already wrote this day down). I also spent the day looking for hubby's champion Green Bay hat, and buying the cute necklaces you see in the Challenge 21 post here.

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner
We had hamburger and fries, my mother in law ate with us, and Aaron got to learn how to make hamburger patties the way I make them. Nothing special (my way of making them, not the dinner).

Thursday: Turkey Spaghetti and Salad
Kinzey and I had leftovers since hubby was at work, and I was organizing all day. Hopefully, have the results for you soon!

Friday: Pulled Pork Tacos
Well, we never actually picked up the pork for this recipe. So, again gunny was at work so Kinzey and I sandwiches for dinner. I always forget how much I love toasted peanut butter!
Saturday: Date Night
While I did finally finish my challenges, I still didn't cook. We had Wendy's for dinner. Frostys too!
This week's to do list!
  • Hubby's closet
  • Clean off the front porch
  • Find tension rods that are the correct size this time!
  • Find/Make small curtains for entertainment center

January 28, 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge 18 and Challenge 20 and more! (Part One)

Challenge 18-Mementos
Challenge 20-Pictures

So I was, prior to going through these challenges (and then some), thinking I don't have many pictures because they are all online. As for mementos, I don't keep a lot (or so I thought), so not much to do with these two.

Then I decided in lieu of these two challenges I would work on my craft area cabinets. It was a nightmare (and a three day job!). So far I have a ton of before and during  pictures. I am in the middle of this three day job, and hopefully will be done by Monday to have the finalized images.

This is where I hide keep all of my craft, office, cricut, sewing, crap stuff stored.

It's a pretty daunting task. You know, to say "Oh, I should organize those. They need it the most!"

We have a huge storage cabinet area in our living room. Built right in.

Above a desk, above a tv, below a tv, and everywhere in between!

People can actually see this area!

It started to lessen (movies once lived here) when we started rearranging things.

Of course, it's all MY mess. *Hanging head in shame*

So I took everything out.

While I watched Clean House (Hoarder's wasn't on).

And took it all out.

And took it all out.

And some more removing of items.

Well, that was fun, now I'm tired. Can I stop now?

Gah, stuff, everywhere.

No where to sit, or move. So I sorted it by purpose (office, sewing, art, craft, pictures/mementos *told you they were here*, driven stuff, scrapbooking, and tot school items).

Kids in cages so they can't hurt themselves.

Angry kid in cage.

And ever so slowly started organizing it. This is my cricut machine and all of the driven merchandise (in the plastic shoe boxes). Oh and my tool set.

I ran out of baskets so I used boot boxes to hold electrical cords (top) and tot school (bottom). The cricut box holds earphones and the blue basket is all computer cords. That mess below? We won't mention it, will we?

A picnic basket to hold all of the xbox accoutrement's. (Games, controllers, headgear, etc.)

Printer, printer paper in the blue striped box, colored print paper in the accordion file assorted by, yes, you guessed it, color! Then computer programs and accessories on the shelf above. My control binder above that, and then notebook paper and notecards and my laminator.

Top to bottom: Jewelry, misc. craft, art, office supplies/cricut accessories.
Ah, I feel slightly better! You will notice that an after picture has not been presented with mementos, pictures, or sewing. This is what I have left:
Almost done! See the rest of this story here: Part Two

21 Day Organization Challenge Twenty One!

Challenge 21-Your Choice!

For my choice, I decided it was time to tackle my jewelry box! This thing just is a collect all of miscellaneous accessories. So here we go!

Isn't she pretty? My mother in law gave me this one year for Christmas. It's beautiful (sans the straightening iron burn there, oops!).

It holds a secret stash of mess!

I took everything out and sorted as I went. Rings, necklaces, bracelets, giveaway.

I should have vacuumed it out, but that velour type of fabric is hard to get clean! Here are all of my rings.

I decided ear rings would be separated in the top compartment. Colored, silver, studs, dressy, and long. 

Then bracelets (on the left) and charms, "blank" necklace chains, Kinzey's jewelry, and pearls/watch/pin (on the right).

I hung one necklace from each hook on the back. Only short ones though. Much better!

Except that it doesn't hold really long necklaces well. This place, however, does!

Ahh, and it makes for some door decor, lol!
I decided to treat myself to a few new pieces after this!
They came from Forever 21, and at $1.50 a piece, I bought three! I love the little boy and girl kissing silhouette!
I pair it with the "Love" necklace. The third necklace (not pictured) is an owl!
It's the last challenge! I still have to put up my Memories and Pictures Challenge photos. Hopefully get those up by Monday so I can still put them in the linky party, just depends on my stupid charger cord for my lap top. It died :( so I ordered a new one.

If you aren't finished organizing, or just don't want to stop! A Bowl Full of Lemons is going to host weekly challenges to help us unorganized bloggers get it together! I've added her button to my parties page (along with a few others)!!

From A Bowl Full of Lemons:
You all rocked the 21 day challenge & we had almost 300 blogs participating! I pray that the new weekly challenge will surpass the last one. We shall see! I have been anxiously awaiting to reveal my new blog challenge to you. It will start on Sunday, January 30th. I will post an assignment every Sunday and we will have the entire week to complete it.

A few examples of assignments will be:

Organizing your craft room
Creating a recipe binder
Organizing your bookshelves
Cleaning out (and organizing) the garage
Making a Home Management Binder
Menu planning
and LOTS more!

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