January 17, 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge Fourteen

Okay, so we're 13 days into this and no one has told me I misspelled Organization in my blog titles. Little embarrassed here, but I've just been using autofill and that first post was really late at night. Not sure if I want to go and change that or not.

Challenge Fourteen-Under the bathroom sink.

So this one is already done because I use under my bathroom sink as our medicine cabinets. So I'll show you my bathroom drawer organization since I did that too and can post the pics now. (Yay another free day! day to work on my freezer!)

So I'm pretty bad at before shots. This is the only one I had of an entire drawer. This one was the cleanest drawer.

More junk from my other drawer.

Our "utilitarian/non-pretty" drawer.

Aaron and Kinzey's bathroom drawer.

The after of the drawer above. Much better. Pretty scrapbook paper liners.

This is the one I am most proud of. It looks SOOO much better. Stupid me didn't get a before shot though.
And I was NOT going to mess it up again to get one!

If you would like to join me (you can always catch up or just jump right in!) click below:


Amanda said...

looks great..

Sally said...

Nice job. Isn't it a great feeling?

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