January 10, 2011

First "Race" Event Ever

So one of my best friends asked me if I would run in the Warrior Dash with her. I said "Yes."

She sent me the website and told me to check it out and let her know what I think.

I glanced over it, thought looks crazy, and still told her yes.

Now that I'm googling images, I have to admit I'm a little nervous. I haven't ran since, well high school. Even when I started running again back in October, I was jogging/walking. Now I have to train?

My thoughts:
  • "I'll be ready for bikini season....if I make it through the actual race."
  • "At least my husband will be at work, so he can't make fun of me...except now he's off Saturdays."
  • "I'll be promoting driven! so I can just blame it on being a 'promoter' not an athlete."
  • "Am I crazy? Yes, but I need to be more active. You told yourself you would do some sort of race this year, and this is the first one that became an actual opportunity (I hate doing anything like this by myself). You will be with your friends, yes at 9 am but they let you choose the time. You wanted to get it over with early in the day. Deal."
  • "If I start training now, I should be ready."

Just in case you didn't click on the link above, and want an idea of the activities I'll have to do in the Warrior Dash. Check out these images:

Image Source

Image Source
Image Source

Image Source
Image Source

  • Swamp crawl
  • Navigating our way through rundown trailers
  • Running through "hundreds" of tires
  • Navigating through the forest
  • Rapelling
  • Running down the river
  • Sprinting up a hill
  • Running down the muddy slope
  • Up and over hay bales
  • Climbing over cargo nets
  • Leaping over fire
  • Lastly, crawling in mud underneath barbed wire
Yeah, I'm reverting back to "Am I crazy?"
This should be fun!


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