January 16, 2011

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

So my husband and I were watching the food network, and it was one where tailgater's battle to see who is the best. I think this one was in Louisiana. We saw one of the guys take chicken wrap it in bacon with jalapeno slices then I think he wrapped that in some other kind of meat (not sure, it's been since Novemberish). Well, hubby got inspired and made one of the best things ever. 

Gather all ingredients. Toothpicks, One box of cream cheese, bacon (your choice of type), boneless skinless chicken breasts, and any seasonings (we only added hot shot a combination of red and black pepper).

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Remove any excess fat from chicken.

Stretch the chicken out as much as you can.

Cut a rectangle from the cream cheese and place in center of chicken.


Season to taste.

Sorry no picture on this one. Take two slices of bacon create an x and put the chicken in the middle. Bring all four corners of bacon together and (this will wrap the chicken up as pictures above in casserole dish) secure with toothpicks. Then place a tablespoon of margarine and put it in between the pieces of chicken (not necessary).

If you make mashed potatoes with this (like I do) you can use the sauce in the pan as gravy.

Back until chicken is done (165 degrees). Then let family devour.


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