January 28, 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge 18 and Challenge 20 and more! (Part One)

Challenge 18-Mementos
Challenge 20-Pictures

So I was, prior to going through these challenges (and then some), thinking I don't have many pictures because they are all online. As for mementos, I don't keep a lot (or so I thought), so not much to do with these two.

Then I decided in lieu of these two challenges I would work on my craft area cabinets. It was a nightmare (and a three day job!). So far I have a ton of before and during  pictures. I am in the middle of this three day job, and hopefully will be done by Monday to have the finalized images.

This is where I hide keep all of my craft, office, cricut, sewing, crap stuff stored.

It's a pretty daunting task. You know, to say "Oh, I should organize those. They need it the most!"

We have a huge storage cabinet area in our living room. Built right in.

Above a desk, above a tv, below a tv, and everywhere in between!

People can actually see this area!

It started to lessen (movies once lived here) when we started rearranging things.

Of course, it's all MY mess. *Hanging head in shame*

So I took everything out.

While I watched Clean House (Hoarder's wasn't on).

And took it all out.

And took it all out.

And some more removing of items.

Well, that was fun, now I'm tired. Can I stop now?

Gah, stuff, everywhere.

No where to sit, or move. So I sorted it by purpose (office, sewing, art, craft, pictures/mementos *told you they were here*, driven stuff, scrapbooking, and tot school items).

Kids in cages so they can't hurt themselves.

Angry kid in cage.

And ever so slowly started organizing it. This is my cricut machine and all of the driven merchandise (in the plastic shoe boxes). Oh and my tool set.

I ran out of baskets so I used boot boxes to hold electrical cords (top) and tot school (bottom). The cricut box holds earphones and the blue basket is all computer cords. That mess below? We won't mention it, will we?

A picnic basket to hold all of the xbox accoutrement's. (Games, controllers, headgear, etc.)

Printer, printer paper in the blue striped box, colored print paper in the accordion file assorted by, yes, you guessed it, color! Then computer programs and accessories on the shelf above. My control binder above that, and then notebook paper and notecards and my laminator.

Top to bottom: Jewelry, misc. craft, art, office supplies/cricut accessories.
Ah, I feel slightly better! You will notice that an after picture has not been presented with mementos, pictures, or sewing. This is what I have left:
Almost done! See the rest of this story here: Part Two


Sally said...

Whew! That's AWESOME! :)

Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Oh.. that is looking great!! I hate the cords don't you? I am going to work on that myself. I want to find some cute innovative solutions to them. You see all the traditional cord binder things... but I'll be someone has something really neat they have done. (my cord mess is under my desk! shhhh!)
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