January 30, 2011

What We Really Ate #2

Sunday: Shrimp Gumbo
So instead of cooking, I took a nap. I mean did you see that refrigerator before and after? I was exhausted! So I mixed a box of scalloped potato mix with some frozen turkey meatballs. It was pretty great actually!

Monday: Mexican Stuffed Shells
Mexican goulash? We didn't get large enough shells to stuff, so everything got mixed together instead of stuffed into some shells. It was still pretty awesome and everyone at game night loved it too!

Tuesday: Hamburger & Fries
So I ended up rearranging our week. Kinzey and I ended up having some cream of chicken soup because she wasn't feeling good. (Having deja vu, because I could have sworn I already wrote this day down). I also spent the day looking for hubby's champion Green Bay hat, and buying the cute necklaces you see in the Challenge 21 post here.

Wednesday: Breakfast for Dinner
We had hamburger and fries, my mother in law ate with us, and Aaron got to learn how to make hamburger patties the way I make them. Nothing special (my way of making them, not the dinner).

Thursday: Turkey Spaghetti and Salad
Kinzey and I had leftovers since hubby was at work, and I was organizing all day. Hopefully, have the results for you soon!

Friday: Pulled Pork Tacos
Well, we never actually picked up the pork for this recipe. So, again gunny was at work so Kinzey and I sandwiches for dinner. I always forget how much I love toasted peanut butter!
Saturday: Date Night
While I did finally finish my challenges, I still didn't cook. We had Wendy's for dinner. Frostys too!
This week's to do list!
  • Hubby's closet
  • Clean off the front porch
  • Find tension rods that are the correct size this time!
  • Find/Make small curtains for entertainment center


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