January 11, 2011

21 Day Organization Challenge Eight

Challenge 9: The Coat Closet

I thought this one was pretty easy. I had just purged coats a few weeks ago so, that meant less stuff to organize. Yay!

Before, somehow restuffed with more coats, some broken vacuum cleaners, yoga mat, football/soccer bag.

Two baskets for gloves, hats, and scarves. One yellow basket for beach stuff. My school bag for fall.

Our coat rack. The tongs (??) keep breaking off because I like to put the kids backpacks up there.

Tongs replaced by my mom giving us a second identical coat rack. Sans backpacks.

A place for the kids backpacks and my work bag. A clean floor! (I forgot an empty shot of this, there was some sticky stuff everywhere on the floor, eww).

School bag gone, all the beach toys together (some where in the kids room), brown baskets still for gloves, scarves, and hats.


Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Looks good. The back packs are a pain aren't they? I used a sturdy wood bar with 3 hooks in it on the back of our closet door for the kids coats and back packs.... but they are now getting too heavy for that.
Thanks for linking to my Organizing Mission Monday link party.
I would love for you to pick up my button (on my sidebar) to put on your blog!

Cris Davis said...

It's on my parties page! Loving your link parties, and it's great motivation for when the 21 day challenge is over to continue my re-organization!

Safe and Healthy Solutions said...

Looks great! I posted my coat closet organization last week! I would love if you would link up to my "organization party" that I am hosting this month! I am your newest follower too!

Safe and Healthy Solutions said...

Thanks for linking up to "Simplify for the New Year" at A Home Made by Kiki!!

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