January 24, 2011

What We really Ate...and To Do

Sunday: Lemon Garlic Shrimp & Grits
Sunday we really had this, and it was awesome. The grits were interesting, and I did add cayenne so the kids wouldn't have been able to eat this (Kinzey got pre-cayenne'd shrimp) without modification. Everyone loved it!

Monday: Chicken Taco Bake
Monday we had frozen lasagna. Not because the Chicken Taco Bake was too hard or anything, I just completely forgot to defrost it. Oops!

Tuesday: Italian Baked Chicken & Pastina
This was my favorite from last week! It was amazing, and still tasted great for lunch on Friday!

Wednesday: Zucchini Stew
So hubby and I didn't have any kids. I forgot to make this in the crock pot, another oops for me this week. We skipped eating at home and went to Simply Burger. I tired sweet potato fries for the first time, and did not like them. Fail. Plus, this place was way too expensive for a burger joint.

Thursday: Shrimp and Corn Chowder
My parents came over for dinner this night. My mom had told me Wednesday that she didn't eat chowder. So I decided to make the Zucchini Stew. Big mistake, I added the rice to the slow cooker and let it cook for the entirety (about six-eight hours) and it turned into mush. I also didn't add salt and pepper to try and cut back, which made it bland. Another fail for this week.

Friday: Leftovers
Friday we went out to eat with one of our friends to Genghis Grill. Another place I think is too expensive, but the food was at least great!

Saturday: Date Night
Another night out, but this time with the girls We went to Panda Express (guess we were in the mood for Chinese this week?) and it wasn't too expensive, tasted great.

So last week, we ate out more than we should have due to some laziness on my part. Husband starts training for a new position this week (yay!) so he schedule has changed to nights now (boo!). Our approach to meal planning might also change, we'll see.

So today is game night at the house. Tomorrow I have a few things I need to get done besides the regular cleaning. To get caught up on the 21 day organization challenge I have today's challenge of organizing my pictures, and one from last week of organizing mementos. So here's my to do list (sans any new organization challenges):

  • Organize Mementos
  • Organize Photos
  • Organize Deep Freeze
  • Organize Aaron's Closet
  • Organize Aaron's Dresser
  • Start on my craft area (this area holds my mementos and photos)
  • Take donation items to Good Will and Crib to Mother In Laws.
I'll keep this post updated with my progress, even if I don't get around to posting pictures.


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