January 14, 2011

Oh Weekend

I'm falling a bit behind with the organization. It's not that I don't want to do it. The obstacles I have are either it's something that has been previously finished (i.e. the kids' toys) or that I just can't bring myself to start (i.e. the freezer). So I'm lumping it all together and busting my behind this weekend. Here is my to do list so everyone can help me stay on track and hold me accountable!

I'm going to take a moment here and shout a "HELLO!" to all my new readesr whether I know you, don't know you, or not. Some of the girls I work with let me know they read so a special hello to ya'll, and please don't be too scared of my house. It's not a total landmine!

So, on that note, on to my to do list!

To Do:

  • Toys Organization: While this is done, this is also something that is never ending. I think I'll let my two year old reign tonight to get a great "Before" shot! Then clean it all up to get that amazing after shot. You'll see just how much one little two year old can do. Don't let her smile fool you!
  • Clean/Organize the Freezer. I just keep psyching myself out on this one. It's not as bad as I think it is right? (FYI: this is NOT my freezer)
    Image Credit
  • Clean/Organize the spice cabinet. This one I am actually looking forward to, as we have tons of spices but NO organization. Can't wait!
  • Rearrange our master bedroom. Hubby and I decided on a plan of action and tomorrow morning we are busting our humps to clean and rearrange. I'll save this in case I need it for the challenge, otherwise it will be posted after. Here is a before shot:
I will be here marking things off as I go, so any encouragement you've got, I would be eternally grateful! I hope everyone has a fun productive weekend!


Ramsey said...

Ok, so when you get done, you can feel free to come and have a go at my closet!

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