October 12, 2009

What am I doing?

As I sit here doing laundry, attempting to study for exams, and listen for Kinzey to wake up from her nap get Kinzey out of her crib from her nap, I think this is the best time to start my blog! This week is an exciting week for me, as midterms are today and tomorrow, I get to meet with Olivia about My Little Cutie Pie, I start my new full time job (gah back to 40 hour work weeks) but I think that will work out with my schedules, on top of being a mom to my children, and a wife to my husband.

I am super excited to have something for me. This blog and the business venture with Olivia will let me use things I know and love like decorating, making tutus, and painting, as well as help me learn a few things and hone other skills like sewing and pattern making. I can't wait to get started. So without further adieu, what am I working on at the moment?

The Davis Plaque!
It's not finished yet, but here is what I have so far! And please note I know the edges are bad right now, learned a few things on this one!

I also wanted to note that these flowers we bought to decorate during Kinzey's birthday party on Sept. 26th still look amazing!

So I'm off now, to finish up my never ending list of to-do's and  hopefully fill my brain with all the testing information for today! Wish me luck! Oh and tell Aaron thank you for taking care of Kinzey while I work!



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