March 24, 2010

Buys of ties

So mom logic tweeted today about a chore equilibrium chart here. Not sure it is all quite accurate, and now thinking about making my own so adding that to my to-do list, but what do you think?

I also made a great (I think) purchase today at 99¢ only store. Some beautiful ties. I will either give them to my husband to wear and go purchase some more (boring)....or find a craft to use them in!I liked the idea of a tie skirt, but that may a little bit too much to bite off right now.

Also, I am trying to decorate my kids' room. They share for now. I've picked colors, brown with a lime green for his stuff, and teal/turquoise for her. Problem is, I can't think of what to hang. I'm afraid to make it too girly or too boy like. Any suggestions? I've thought about hanging their names up in the contrasting colors, and will most likely do that...but it still needs some art or pictures. I really like the rug to the left, just can't buy it without doing it online at That's the blue I want for her stuff though.

Now, time to cram, pick the house up, clean up my craft area, unpack my new purchases (and take pictures so you can see the quality of my ties), and have lunch with my husband. From there I will be doing more studying, vehicle registration, last minute craft time, and getting myself to school  on time(ish) for my exam that I am way nervous about. Wish me some luck, will most likely be back in a bit.

I also wanted to add a welcome to my brand new reader, Becca over at Hello Marzipan. Give her a hello, and check out the key finder cabinet makeover she has today! I hope this is just the start of more to come!


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