March 11, 2010

Spring Break plans

So after a couple of suggestions from ya'll, Kinzey went to bed with olive oil, vaseline, and gold bond in her diaper. Hopefully she will be completely free and clear in the morning.

Spring break has officially began for me, not so much for Houston. He has tomorrow to get through before he is off for his very first spring break

The only thing I have planned, besides working and spending time with my family, is to study for my biology midterm. She (my professor) conveniently scheduled our test the day we get back from break.  Nice only because it gave me just the lab and my computer (ha ha study for that?!?) midterms to study for, but now I have to study while my kids are here with me. Aaron took off a couple of days as well to spend time with the family. Not sure what he has up his sleeves for next week. What do you have planned for your (kids) spring break?

Off to bed now, I do have to work all day and finish getting better from this upper respiratory tract infection,


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