March 30, 2010

Window Garden buds!

So my basil sprouted! I'm so excited since I have such a hard time growing anything and keeping it alive (doesn't bode well for my parenting, but that is slightly different :D) and I am very glad that I had great inspiration and know how for my windowsill garden.

As you can see nothing else is showing signs of growth, yet. I am still hopeful though! We're only on day four now.

Late night tonight. Tried following all the instructions I found here, as well as taking my camera apart (warranty coverage is not an option for me since it was a lost and found camera that stayed in the "lost and found box" for over two months), but all was to no avail. Still a weird whirring noise after I try to turn it on and then lens error or just powers off. All the movements are normal on the lens just doesn't stay on. The last options are to find an AV cord for it and try that suggested solution, or to take it to a repair shop. Thinking we'll end up with option C. Buy a new (at least for us) camera. Can't go without a good camera.

Was also able to take my car to shop today, or at least my father-in-law was able to drive it there. After waiting for a response from 8am-12pm I finally called them and they could not find my car! After several mini-heart attacks and getting my nerves into check, Aaron left work to figure out what exactly was going. They did find my car, but nothing wrong with it (Autozone had tested and said it was the alternator after we bought a new battery). My brakes have also been making a horrid grinding noise reminiscent of my Toyota, but again the service shop did not find any faults there. They did find a nail in one of my tires though, so they at least caught one problem with it. Callisto (yes she has a name) is safe at home with us tonight AND we didn't have to pay for anything today.

On other news, I did make a large dent in my spring cleaning. I was able to pull all of the too-small clothes from the kids closet and dresser. Now I am going to sort through that and get things I can salvage/refashion for them to use/wear again. I also was able to make a rather noticeable reorganization of my crafting area/desk. It's not where it needs to be, but it's far from where it was before.

It went from this:

To this:

Aaron and I are off to watch "Angels and Demons" and for me to finish up some homework. Have a great night/morning, I'll be around tomorrow!


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