March 31, 2010

Just a bit of the back.

So I am very excited that there are only six weeks of classes left before the summer starts for me! I will enjoy my break, as school just seems to impede right now on my family life. Wanted to let everyone know that overnight (literally) my basil has sprouted like crazy! I'm wondering if absent-minded me even planted anything in the other four containers. Only the open seed packets is my reassurance on that one though! I feel inadequate without a proper camera, but that is on the back burner right now with other bills and holidays. I've been watching craigslist though for anything I might want.

Kinzey got her first haircut! Aaron wanted her to get it shaped in the back, i wanted to get some of the hair out of her eyes, but he won! She was not very excited.

We had Valerie at the Olive Beauty Lounge do her hair. She's done our family's hair for about three years now, always Aaron's sometimes mine and Houston's.

She just trimmed and tried to create a style with what she had, Kinzey has so much hair now compared to what she started with!

Although she let her, Kinzey was very up and down and had to have both of us parents hold her at one point just so Valerie had any shot at getting a straight cut. Yes I had my camera which was still working, but it was in the car.

Kinzey did ok once Valerie started cutting, but Kinzey was in a very whiney mood.  But she did let Valerie blow dry it with a round brush and all!


Jennifer said...

She's cute!!

Stopping by from New Friend Friday!!


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