April 2, 2010

Easter Plans

This weekend will be busy! I went straight to sleep last night after work, so I wasn't able to update.

Skipping their pictures for tonight, but for the garden windowsill: sprouted, dill, chives, parsley, and basil are all growing visibly. No parsley I can see yet. You can buy an indoor kit (albeit not handmade over at amazon)

Italian Herb Garden Trio: Indoor Garden Gift Set incl. 3 planters, dip tray, seeds, peat soil pellets.

Tomorrow I have to help women get beautiful at work, then off for Easter celebrations with my husband's family.

My wedding pictures came in not too long ago, so I've been showing them off like crazy. I can't believe next weekend will already be a year. I love him more everyday!

Sunday, we are doing breakfast and egg-hunting with my parents out in Crowley. I'm sure Granny and Pappy can't wait. they love my kids so much.

We're off to throw some last minute Easter presents together for above families.Having to settle for old pictures (above) or of other people's pictures (below)


VJ said...

Happy Easter! Thanks for visiting my blog from New Friend Friday! =)


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