April 21, 2010


I've noticed when I am angry, in need of a fresh mind set, upset, sad, or even ecstatic I tend to clean more. It's those blah moments when I don't seem to care.

Flylady is working wonders in my house as I declutter and organize 15 minutes at a time. It's not nerve wracking when I know I only have to do this area for fifteen minutes, then I get to take a break. The husband is cleaning whatever he is wanting to, granted not flylady style so he's all over the house, and backyard, and garage. It helps so much that he loves to sweep and mop as I despise that task more than cleaning the toilet after guests, father-in-law, and six year old son. Too many allergens, dust, and dog hair for me!

Thinking I might get to a craft after my homework. I should finish some, but it's so hard when I want to take pictures. Thinking of doing this quick one from Thrifty and Chic by Alicia. Have some very empty display areas, and they need to be filled! We'll see.

Break's over!


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