April 11, 2010

Fly Lady Day 2

So I've started Fly Lady. My house is in a constant state of, really really clean and really really not. So this site is dedicated to helping me establish routines to keeping my house, and my sanity, together.

It's starting slow, cleaning my sink and putting shoes on my feet. Sounds corny, but I understand the concept behind feeling accomplished (clean sinks) and always at the ready to do something (shoes/feet).

It's also a little overwhelming right now, lots of information. Not sure where to go next, but it says just follow the baby steps, and I'll figure it out. So, of course I'm skipping most of day two (besides cleaning sink, and shoes) because they are an every day thing. So, day three is the big tent day. Added my profile there, added family etc. (Not all of this is required). Let me know if you do this method. Hoping to find a few people to help fly with.

On another note, Houston's second soccer game of the weekend was awesome. Very energetic. the baby shower I went to was nearly over by the time we go there, so it felt like I dropped the presents and left. Starbucks stop for Edna and I, awesome. Then back home.

Cleaning up my art desk once again, then dishes, trash, and cleaning up our bedroom. Hopefully, all before we go to dinner. I really want to take a nap right now. The weather and my allergies make it perfect for sleep.


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