April 9, 2010

Friday Night

Cleaning up and blogging before Aaron's 11:30 soccer game tonight. This weekend will be a busy one!

Kinzey is learning so many words so quickly. This week she said her first sentence ("I want mcdonnows"). She has also added some of the following words to her vocabulary :

Night, hey, pee, poop, please, kay, home, mcdonalds, now, keys, school, cold, and cool.

Her favorite is still cookie and seems to solve all of her troubles. Even when she isn't saying it to us, she's still signing it to us.

We also think it's time to potty train. (Review the words above, lol). Any suggestions? I hear girls train faster, but Houston was so easy. I have trouble believing that. Sorry for the lack of pictures. Have a fantastic weekend!


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