June 9, 2010

Pen Pals

I saw this idea over at Confessions of a Homeschooler, who got it from The Homeschool Post. We started it today!

I'm using simple composition books

Mead Composition Book, One Wide-Ruled Notebook with 100 Sheets, Black Marble (09910)

And wrote each child's name on the front. The letters read as follows:

"Dear Kinzey,

Would you like mommy to write to you? I want you to know how much I love you and how much you drive me crazy! Right now you are screaming from you bed room because it is nap time! You've been kind of bratty toady! I started a notebook with your bubba today, too! He and I are pen pals. Next time he comes over we can all decorate the covers of our notebooks. I really hope you like and will treasure these notes. I want to be your mom and your best friend. I hope you know I am always here for you!

"Dear Houston,

Would you like to be pen pals? I thought it would be fun! Instead of sending letters through the mail, we'll keep them in this notebook. I will write to you, and leave the notebook on your bed. Then, when you want to write me back, you write on the next page and leave the notebook on my bed.

You can write anything you like. It can be funny or serious or anything you want. Sound like fun?

Next time you come over we can even decorate the cover of our notebook!


P.S. Write back soon!"

I cannot wait to hear back from him and he seems excited to be able to write back to me!
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janaz said...

What a wonderful idea! I have two kids 8 and 10 who I think this would work really well with - especially since they can write back. Thanks for sharing! :)

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