July 14, 2010


Well, alligator clips any way. I took this:

Marianna Double Prong Metal Clips * 80 Count

and various scraps of this:

(Price/1 BX)AMERICAN CRAFTS™ Premium Ribbon Boxes CLASSICS RIBBON 5/box PINK 

I had left over from these shirts.

And made these:

 They were super easy, and I had about twenty minutes to kill while I was waiting on my blueberry streusal to finish cooking. I cannot wait to use them in Kinzey's hair tomorrow! I made a "boy" colored one because a lot of her shirts are either hand me downs or just primary colors. For whatever reason, I didn't have a single red bow (discovered during fourth of July). So now that I have a zillion alligator clips, I guess it's time to start making some bows for her!


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