November 5, 2010

Where have I been?

Between Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, dinner, school, homework, exams, and all the upcoming festivities to prepare for at work. I've been here:

South Shore Step One Collection Full / Queen 54/60-Inch Storage Platform Bed, Black
Well not this bed, but my own.

Why? Because I've been sick with fever. Yuck. Now my husband is sick, too. I told him no game night tonight, he's getting plenty of rest and chicken broth. He has to get better. Tomorrow we have the last soccer game of the regular season for Houston. We also have the first flag football game, and Houston is the quarterback. From what I hear, it's the most important player on the field (j/k I know it's THE position if you want to be important). I told Houston he'd play even if he broke his finger. I don't think he got the Romo reference. Oh well.

I think besides stressing over my next exam in biology (on Tuesday), or my countless work duties that have yet to be fulfilled for my 11/10/10 deadline, or the messy/dirty house awaiting my recovery to clean it, I will be playing with this all weekend:

Singer 1507 8-Stitch Sewing Machine
Scary thing, isn't it?
 Everyone keeps telling me they'll help. I really don't want anyone to see how inept I've become with this thing. I mean where does the thread even go? Bah.

I need coffee, lunch date, and a haircut. Any takers?


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