September 10, 2010

To Do

I finally hung a new picture above the bed, cleaned up all the clothes, dismanlted the play pen, picked up the trash and dishes and our bedroom is a little more livable. Today I'll be dusting, windexing, finishing up our last name signs (no tutorial just a finished project sorry), and rearranging just a few things. After picture coming soon of that horrible bedroom!

I am not perfect, obviously. I wish I could be a stay at home mom and spend more time with my children and my home. Instead I bust my butt at school and work and spend the little amount of energy I have left just trying to get by at home. I know first-hand that sahm's do A LOT of work to keep up with everything and everyone. I also think that each and every one knows they are lucky that they do not have to work to help support their family, even when money is tight.

Thank you for your comment Heather. Hopefully I will make some sort of decision about a headboard.

This month is Kinzey's second birthday. I will be preparing for that as well as dealing with the first full month of school, finally launching my work website live, and trying to develop my portfolio website (TwistedLetter Designs). If anyone has time in the next two-three weeks to help make the decorations, clean large "hot spots," or just help me narrow my ideas down feel free to comment, call, email, text. Oh and go check out my contact me page as I've added a cute twitter button and contact form.


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