September 20, 2010


This post is a little wordy, so apologies in advance.

I want to go over my weekend and discuss a few things. First off, my husband and I are doing The Love Dare. If you haven't heard about it here's an excerpt from their site:

"The Love Dare:
 Explores the blessings and challenges of godly marriage.
 Examines the difference between the world’s design for marriage and God’s original intention (contract vs. covenant).
 Teaches how to fight the fires of conflict effectively and respectfully (clean fighting).
 Teaches couples to lead their hearts rather than allowing their hearts to lead them, reinforcing the “practice” of choosing love – even when it isn’t the instinctive response."

The Love Dare 

We're on day six. I think overall we are doing great. Yesterday could have been a tough one (we had to tell each other three things that the other does to irritate us), but we did this after church so we were fully recharged and full of God's will.

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Today, however has been horrid. Not because of The Love Dare, it's just a bad Monday morning. Kinzey was a handful this morning only wanting to be held and not ready to wake up. Laundry wasn't completed so we had to dig for school clothes. I hadn't packed my work stuff up last night, so I was trying to remember everything. Aaron and I were okay, but I don't think either of us slept the way we needed. I wanted a restart to the day. Of course, that is impossible so I really just want to go back to bed now.

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Sidetracked there a bit. Sorry. This weekend was pretty great. I had to work Friday and Saturday, but still had plenty of time to spend with my family. We had family night Friday and just hung out around the house. Saturday, Aaron's parents took the kids for the night, but they waited until after I was home so I could say goodbye to everyone. Then Aaron and I did a little Hobby Lobby 50% off shopping, dressed up and went on a double date to Razoo's.

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We followed that with a trip to Yogurt Story:

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Yum! I put Cookie Crisp, Cap'n Crunch, and brownie bits into New York Style Cheesecake yogurt. Delish!
We browsed around Borders and then it was movie time! After we all (meaning Whitney and I) agreed to see Easy A. It was pretty funny, and I do not think you should take children to see it. Emma Stone is great though as is Lisa Kudrow in this movie.

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That was the end to our date night, but not our weekend. Church was great on Sunday and it made it easy to go without the kids to drop off and pick up (not that I don't love taking them to church). Which we followed with a little bit of clothes shopping for me (I was in desperate need of new undergarments), lunch at Mc Allister's, and then watching the second half of the Cowboy game with the in-laws, of which I slept through. Then home to eat leftovers, clean up a teeny tiny bit, and get everyone ready for and off to bed. I should have been less lazy and cleaned up a bit more, moved the laundry around, packed bags, and set out school clothes (I did set out my work clothes). Hopefully, with this information, tonight with be more constructive and tomorrow morning will be more of a breeze.


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