December 1, 2011

First Dentist Trip

So this bad mommy finally took her three year old to the dentist. Kinzey loved it! She got to use the suction valve during my visit. She came back with a clean bill - no cavaties! Me? Ugh, well let's just look at Kinzey at the dentist!

We did take the family to a new dentist, so if you are in DFW and looking for a great family-owned and operated dentist (where you can also book appointments online!!!) check out Davis Family Dentistry in Bedford, Texas! I might not be singing the same tune after my next visit (let's just say I need at least two fillings AND I have four impacted wisdom teeth), but they are super friendly, patient, and asked me to bring my three year old to my appointment so she could see how easy and not scary my visit was (Kinzey decided to see the dentist that day because of how great their team is!). 


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