August 23, 2010

Return of Friend Makin Mondays

I'm excited for Silver Lining's Friend Makin Mondays to return.
This week she's asked for us to remake her Today I... post.

Today I...tried to style my hair slightly different and my headband is giving me a headache
Today I...wore my new dress!

Love Marshall's! Only $7.00.

Today...I dropped my son off in First Grade at a brand new school. He wants to ride the bus this year :(

Giving hugs bye!
Today I...went to breakfast with my husband and daughter.
Today I...worked at the corporate office.

Today I...caught up on some laundry. I love having a clothes line outside!
Leifheit 83040 Rollfix Mounted Retractable Clothes Dryer

Today I...finished my tutorial project that will be posted soon. Yay for hubby running to Walmart in the middle of the night


Stacie said...

Love the dress--super cute! And headbands and ponytails always give me a headache.

Mom. Nonstop. said...

Thanks, I'm doing a headband and a hair clip! Double ache!

Amanda said...

I can't do headbands. I always get headaches.

shortmama said...

Love the dress!

♥Amber Filkins♥ said...

Cute dress! Love Marshalls too. Isn't it hard when they go to a new grade, especially when it's now all day!?

Can't wait to see your tutorial.

♥ amber
Silver Lining

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