August 20, 2010


So I had said I would hopefully have a tutorial today.

I don't, I'm sorry I didn't get it finished in the time I had, so I can give you a teaser....

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Wrong kind of tease, opps!

We love the Simply Lemonade, Limeade, etc. I love the bottles. We've saved up about six of the large bottles, which I ran through the dishwasher and peeled all the stickers off.

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So, after accumulating these bottles, promising my family I will do something with them besides let them collect dust, I've decided I want to try this method out, besides that I'm still stumped as to what to do with them and to them. Any ideas?

On a more personal note, please keep the Isaac family in your prayers. They are very close friends (my husband's best man) of ours and B lost his dad on Wednesday. Thank you.


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