August 19, 2010

Tot School and Playtime

So I promised tools and toolboxes yesterday on my facebook page, and now it's time to deliver!

Kinzey got to play with her first lap book yesterday. She loved it!

Handy Manny Tot Book

It was her suprise for being such a good girl with daddy while I was at work!

She is so great when you ask her to say cheese, you never know what face you'll get!
She got to go over her colors, we're starting shapes, and the letters in her name.

She loves to color, and gets most of her colors right!

Bubba helped her by reading what the toolboxes were supposed to be colored and she found the crayon.
Later that evening, our neighbors came over to visit for a little bit. Kinzey is all into the "puppy game" which, yes it is a DS game, but this was a necessity when we were in the car for seven hours and all she wanted were puppies!

They played puppies, soccer, and then we ate some pizza!
Hopefully, tomorrow I will have a tutorial for ya'll so stay tuned! Linking up with these other blogs!
Tot School


Jennifer @ The Toy Box Years said...

Hi there!

First time visitor and new follower from Tot School! I've never done a lapbook before, but I'm definitely going to look into it!

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