February 9, 2011

Bill Pay System

So I had a request in my comments to show my bill pay system, then Sandy’s Monday Mission is the bill pay system! SO I guess it’s time!

Each month I open my calendar (Five Star Scholastic by Mead, they now have one I want to switch to their new Family Calendar soon, both can be  found at Target), and write down the the bills we have and what pay check will go to what bill.


See the notes area on your right? That’s where I put my at a glance bill pay schedule. If you go to each day you’ll see that the bill and the amount is written down and highlighted yellow. Here’s a closer look at the notes.




My beloved highlighters. Yellow is for bills, purple is for work related items (or supposed to be), pink is for my schedule, green for Aaron’s. Orange is strictly for crossing the days off. Blue is for reminders (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) or again supposed to be. I hadn’t written down a key for this before, but needed to. SO there it is.


Here’s what it looks like at the end of a month. If you look next to each bill I’ve marked them “pd” for paid. When I catch the amount coming out of our bank account, I mark it off right away. Half of our bills are auto-drafted (insurance, Netflix, clear, and YMCA), the other four are my responsibility to remember. Those four are all paid online, so no checks, no stamps, no envelopes. Rent is the only exception and it is hand delivered.  So I use my Daily Schedule to remind me of upcoming items.



Does this make sense? I pretty much keep up with everything in my calendar and on my Daily Schedule.  If you have any other questions regarding my bill pay system, let me know.


Sandy Jenney - Organize with Sandy said...

Thanks for writing this post up! After seeing your notebook before, it was neat getting the whole process you use. Great pics by the way.
Thanks for linking it to my Organizing Mission link party!

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