February 5, 2011

Quick Change

So I’m starting to feel the walls close in on me. Thankfully this weekend is busy, busy! We have my dad’s birthday dinner this evening (among other errands) and the Superbowl tomorrow! We’re tailgating out there, I can’t wait. Hubby is so excited that his team made it to the Superbowl.




The papers are now in their inboxes to be put in the binders I still need to get for the kids mementos. So much better! I don’t even mind seeing that hideous yellow since it’s clean and clutter-free. A memo board for my honey do list, a small calendar, our menu plan for the week with the baggie of extra meals, Kinzey’s fridge letters, a pen cup (old sonic toy) and some picture magnets that I just couldn’t bring myself to remove. I kept the red magnets for important papers that may need to be put here, but if after a week or two we don’t use them, I’m tossing/repurposing them.

Have a great weekend everyone! Remember Go Packers!

I was also up till two last night working on my new blog design. It's not finished but I do have a new button and a featured on button! Just a few more tweaks (like getting the body the right width) and creating more title buttons instead of just regular text, but it's pretty much done. What do you think so far?


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