February 28, 2011

Love wins.

One of the daily woman's studies I get emailed also goes hand in hand. Their daily verse came from Psalms 39:1: "I will be careful how I act and will not sin by what I say. I will be careful what I say around wicked people. I became very angry inside, and as I thought about it, my anger burned." rehashing over past wrongs, whether they are my own or someone else's, just brings up the emotions of hurt, anger, and confusion.This is one way the devil tempts us into sin. Once the sin that is in the past has been forgiven by God it is gone. Forgiven. Wiped clean. It should be so in our hearts and minds as well. Once we are asked for forgiveness from someone, or we ask God to forgive our wrongdoing, we should forget it, as it never happened. We as Christians have to not only watch what we say, but also our thoughts. Guard them against stirring up conflict. Our love for others, just as God's love for us does, should effectively cover over their sins in our eyes. Love should also win in the battle of hatred and love. This does not mean that we are to condone others sins, but accept that they, like ourselves, are going to make mistakes. We love everyone, so we must forgive everyone as well.

I know I struggle with this. When I start to go through Facebook and I see certain names, instead of thinking about the good relationship we may have once had, I start to think of all they have done wrong to me. I don't reach out and let them know that I forgive them as I should. I feel the pain, and build a wall, and close myself off. It's my defense mechanism that goes hand in hand with never feeling good enough. It is sinful. I know that God made me, and that He loves me. I don't have to continuously change who I am as a whole to please him. I only have to be obedient to his requests. Spending time with him has become a major priority in my life as of late. With Him, I can work towards being the person He wants me to be, and stop worrying about what everyone else wants out of me. Hopefully, I'll also learn to let go of the past and open myself up to new relationships. He knows I'm trying.

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