February 2, 2011

Tot School with a Two Year Old

Kinzey and I had tons of fun working yesterday! I’ve noticed she really needs to work on her drawing/writing skills so we can start working on writing letters soon.
I pulled out our shape mats and gave her a highlighter and asked her to draw over the shape outline, or stay on the color. She did really well for her first time!
I’m so proud of her recognition skills. Even when we are just driving down the street, she points out shapes to us. Stars at the gas station, diamonds are used everywhere to decorate (especially on bathroom walls), squares in the tiles, she is really good at catching the shape in everything.
She mainly colored the corners of things, but that is still really good for her first time. We did this until she was bored and moved on.
Her dad suggested we start sight words. He’s in luck because I had already bought the flash cards. We used her Leapfrog fridge letters to create the words on the cards. She also had to work on matching uppercase and lowercase words. Her first time when they weren’t already paired.
She loved putting the letters together and repeating the word back to me.
We only did a few words. I think we will focus on one or two sight words a week, (with the help of my new daily schedule), to help her memorize faster. Her daycare says she does awesome with the memory card games there, so I’m glad it’s not just with me!

Tot School


Katy said...

What is tot school, I'd love to try this out with my almost 2 year-old.
New reader here.

Cris Davis said...

Tot School is just intentional play time to teach letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. Click on the button (I fixed it) to read more from the 1+1+1=1 blog. She has great tools to use for it!

Mommy Sarah said...

We need to work on sight words too. Love the idea to use the leapfrog magnet letters to help spell them out! I think we are going to try that too!! Followed over from the tot school link-up! :)


kewkew said...

We have those fridge letters and other magnetic letters. I love using magnets.
I really like those shape mats!
If you are interested, here is a link to my posts labeled "reading pointers" maybe you will find something of interest. My girls are 2 1/2 and just-turned-four.


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