April 20, 2011

CREATE. I am NOT a seamstress.

As I continue The Shine Project challenges, I am continuously faced with items that I am not.

Not a baker:


Not a softball player:

Tuesday I decided to work on the CREATE- The Shine Project challenge.

I tried breaking in my sewing machine. Boy did I:



Yup. That’s a broken needle. Can a story ever end well if I start with one of those?


If your model is cute enough you won’t even notice the mistakes.




It’s too small around. The bottom is shorter on one side (and therefore hemmed unevenly). And she has shelf butt. If you could see the dress off of her, the part right below the uneven ties comes to a right angle. Shelf butt. Good job mom.



She likes it though. In fact, I even made a second one (well she’s outside chasing daddy and the lawnmower in the second one that I was putting on her to measure length). Second fail at sewing coming soon!



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