April 18, 2011

We've been busy

Just to catch up:

Monday (April 11th) we celebrated our two year anniversary.
We had a small celebratory dinner on Tuesday for our anniversary. Nothing fancy. We were going to go to the race at TMS but my head hurt (for good reason). I did have a three day weekend so that was nice. Not really sure what I did with it though, I think I slept. That's good enough for me.
My phone's dead. It's causing some minor withdrawals from social networking. Such as, can't check in at foursquare, update or check facebook, twitter, email. Without it being in my hand I kind of forget.
Warrior Dash was this past Saturday. Should have some more pics soon. Here's what I do have (taken with a phone camera, so please excuse the poor quality)
I am counting this dash as part of my The Shine Project. I've never been in any race like this before (or anything past 8th grade cross country for that matter). It was awesome and painful and one of the best things I've ever done. Couldn't have finished without the people I ran with. Love ya'll (Olivia, Matt, and Ian)! We all worked hard for our "free beer", medal, shirt, viking hat, and handlebar moustaches! We'll they forgot to give us the last item.
My nose. It's still pretty painful. The swelling has gone down. I no longer look like an avatar. I did have a nice black eye (or two) for a bit. Most of the coloring from those are gone (or easily covered). I am sad to say that when I played softball last Friday night I was pretty scared that I would get hit in the face again. So I let the ball go over my head. Twice. I'd have updated pictures but my phone sucks.
I had plans of decorating and preparing and teaching for Easter. That didn't happen. I have been able to get Kinzey to learn a few things as we read through her and Houston's bible.
"Baby Jesus is the saviour" (saviour sounds like salve your)
"Baby Jesus' mommy is Mary."
"Baby Jesus' daddy is God."
"Baby Jesus' other daddy is Joseph." (Joseph sounds like Joe-suess)
They're pretty nifty to pull out at parties to make mommy and daddy proud.
1. Read the bible every day: I think I've only missed this past Saturday. Doing great so far, and even hubby jumped on the bandwagon!
2. Run 4x+ a week. Didn't happen. At all. In face the ONLY running I've done so far was at Warrior Dash. Bad Cris!
3. Catch up on The Shine Project challenges. It will happen! Probably.




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