April 29, 2011

Roller Skates

She's getting older. This one:

It's becoming more apparent each day as she starts asking questions about things.

Such as, "Why does daddy stand to go potty?"


"Who made the sun?" "God!"

She's getting oh so smart. Watching what we say around her is a constant thing now.

She pointed yesterday, "Mommy, what are those?"

Yup, those those. What am I supposed to say? "What are whats Kinzey?"


"Are those bibs?"

"No! They're roller skates."

Huh. Roller skates. Okay, I can go with that. You were closer with bibs, but come on you're two. I don't need you walking around pointing at those and saying what they are called (or one of the many things they can be called) on repeat, as I know you will. So for now, roller skates are fine by me.

So what are those things on your feet? Do I even want to know what she's calling those things?

Love you and all your Kinzey-isms.


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