April 9, 2011

Shine Project Catch Up

Write a letter to your teacher
I actually did the teacher letter one before I started The Shine Project.
I had many thanks to say to a one Mrs. Deborah Watson. Thanks for trying to keep me in class, thanks for encouraging my abilities in design, layout, and artwork. I wanted to give her credit where it was due. I am happy that I had her for three years in high school. I don’t still have what I wrote her, or her response, mainly because facebook can be annoying. I did however appreciate her response and was happy to know I am making her proud.
Give the mailman a valentine’s card
I’m not sure how I’ll accomplish this one, seeing as Valentine’s was back in February. I’ll keep you posted.
Do something you’ve never done
This one is hard. We’re supposed to become what we want to be. That alone is a tricky question. What do I want to be? Super mom, Social Media Maven, Artist, Photographer, Athletic, Organized. This list goes on. Then yesterday, something happened to me. I was warming up for softball and got hit square in the face with the ball. No excuse as to why I didn’t catch the darn thing (side note: Dad was right, I should always keep the ball in front of my face). After that, I still played. We lost (horrible 2-22). The thing was though, ever since I can remember I’ve always tried to be the tough one. Get hit, shake it off. I’d cry if it was bad enough, but I still never considered myself tough. This changed my view.

Share and Teach
Remember my Mini Chicken Pot Pies? Hubby and I had fun this past week cooking together. Easy recipe. Easy to teach. Easy to learn. He loves them so much, and now he won’t have to wait on me to make them next time. Plus it was fun to bond over cooking. I got tulips afterwards for teaching him (patiently) how to roll and fill the dough.



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