May 11, 2010

I need to think of better title names

Thanks for all the welcoming to tot school!  I am getting excited after talking to Kim at work and my neighbor, I think we are all going to get our kids together and have a "class" twice a week! My neighbor is a first grade teacher, but is taking next year off to be with her son (17 months), so she has tons of supplies. Which also gets me excited lol!

I'm off tomorrow so I'm going to work with Kinzey for a little bit. We're going to go over colors  black and brown again (she likes these because the puppies are these colors), as well as color, get in some outside play (she loves to eat dirt now, yay :|), as well as start shapes. Thinking circle. Since I don't have ink yet, we're flying solo on printables and using what's in the coloring books we have.  I'd really like to get a few necklaces done tomorrow, but I have one last final tomorrow night that I really should review for.

We got to pick Houston up yesterday and take the kids to Dollar Tree (yay school supplies), Sonic (happy hour!), and the park (boo construction and high winds). We all got pretty dusty, and the only thing we could really play on without flying eye hazards were the swings. This is the only picture that didn't turn out like Flash from The Incredibles.


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