May 26, 2010

Link Parties, Blog Roll, etc.

I'm in the process of redesigning my blog layout to include a blog roll of the blogs I read, the link up parties I participate in, an about me page, and one for my different theme days. I skipped yesterday's Tip for you Tuesday because, well I tried scheduling Monday's to go out and it never did, so I had to publish it yesterday instead. I'll publish my Wordy Wednesday later this evening.

I also wanted to know when I should start selling ad space? Any suggestions?

If you would like to have your button included on my blog roll please email me at twistdletter(at)aol(dot)com with your button.

If you would like me to list your link up parties on my page, please also email me that information, thanks!

I will also extend the link up party for Monday since there were no participants as of yet and I didn't get it up in time. It will be open all week.


twifanheather said...

Hi! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday at The Girl Creative! I'm your newest follower! =)

Jill from Women Who Do It All said...

Thanks for joining in the wedding dress fun! I love your dress and the picture too, so fun! As for selling ad space I don't think there is a set amount of followers or anything. I think it's more about how you go about it. I have found that contacting companies that you yourself love and that you know your readers would love is usually pretty effective. I have seen some people offer 2 weeks free even, that could be a good way to reel people in :)

Krissy said...

Following from New Friend Friday! Hope you have a GREAT weekend and hopefully you can visit us and follow back! Thanks!

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