May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Week

So this week is obviously the week before Mother's Day. I've been a busy bee this week! Working on getting Shelton's Mother's Day promotion up, finals are this week and next, and my parents are on vacation this week and wanted us to join them out in East Texas for as much as we could.

We did get to go out to meet my parents for Saturday and Sunday night. Lots of pictures to come from that. (Yes I still have zoo pictures to post I know, getting behind blog-wise). We shopped in Canton while I was there, which was amazing! Lots of cute clothes bought.

Lab practical was on Monday, and I feel confident with my performance. Tonight is Biology test in lecture, and next Wednesday is my final in Bio. So ready for that. Well, ready for it to be over with. Tomorrow night is my last day in BCIS, and have to give a powerpoint presentation. Again, ready to get that over with!

I'm completely ready for summer, as me and Hootie will be setting up a small day care  type system for Kinzey. So we will be taking at least two days a week to teach her letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Also, want to work on more sight words and reading skills with Houston (but shh, he just wants to play and teach Kinzey). Not sure where to start though, so any at-home school mom's have any suggestions?

My friend Olivia's mom, Delilah, also opened  a store in Mansfield/Arlington this week. Check it out if you are in the area:
 Ruffled Rebelles

Mansfield, TX


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